Lab Policy


General access information

The mass spectrometry center operates as a service center providing accessibility to the center's mass spectrometers for all science departments. Training on an instrument is required before access is granted. Participants of the center include faculty, research scientists, graduate students, and qualified undergraduate students. Qualified undergraduate students are those working in research laboratories or enrolled in courses that utilize this instrumentation.


Using the instruments and lab

• Only use the instrument if you have been trained and checked out by a Mass Spectrometry (MS) staff member.

• Always schedule your instrument time on the corresponding outlook public folder calendar.

• Sign in on the log book every time you use the instrument.

• Follow the instructions displayed in the corresponding standard operating procedure (SOP).

• Do not take, replace, or manipulate any parts of the instrument other than what is required for routine analysis (e.g., syringe and peristaltic pumps, autosampler lines, solvent lines connecting to the ESI, etc.). In some cases a BU-MSC staff member may approve specific changes to an instrument configuration, but you must notify us in advance to discuss feasibility and a reasonable time frame for these types of experiments).

• Leave instrument areas clean (i.e., free of any printout data, personal belongings, dirty glassware, testubes, vials, pasteur pipets, samples on the bench and autosampler, etc.).

• Report any problems including instrument failures, miss-treatment by other users, suggestions, and/or complaints via email to Alejandro_Ramirez@baylor.edu.

• Failure to comply with the specifications above can result in loss of access to a specific instrument and/or the mass spectrometry facility.



Instrument specific information


Thermo Orbitrap Discovery

Thermo DSQ

Agilent ICP-MS 7900