Lab Policy

General access information

Training must be completed before using MSC instruments to ensure they are used safely and in a way that will not damage the instrument. Access requests and scheduling for all of our instruments can be accomplished at CENTR.baylor.edu

Once trained it is important to not take, replace, or manipulate any parts of the instrument other than what is required for routine analysis (e.g., syringe and peristaltic pumps, autosampler lines, solvent lines connecting to the ESI, etc.). In some cases a BU-MSC staff member may approve specific changes to an instrument configuration, but you must notify us in advance to discuss feasibility and a reasonable time frame for these types of experiments).

Instrument areas should be left clean and in a "ready to use" state for the next scheduled user. It is important to start your analyses promptly and be finished with the instrument by the time your reservation is completed. If you are not using the instrument within ~20 minutes of your reserved time, your reservation may be deleted to make room for other users that are waiting.

Since some sample types can harm some instruments and void our service contracts, please discuss and new projects and/or new sample types with center personnel in advance to ensure that the analysis is feasible and safe for the instrument.

Any problems including instrument failures can be reported to center personnel via CENTR.baylor.edu

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