Acknowledgement policy

If you used the mass spectrometry center to generate data for your manuscript, please use the following examples to help format your acknowledgement and experimental sections.

Acknowledgment section
  • The authors acknowledge the Baylor University Mass Spectrometry Center (BU-MSC) for support during this work.
  • The authors would like to thank Dr. Alejandro Ramirez (Mass Spectrometry Center, Baylor University, Texas) for technical support.

Experimental section
  • For standard exact mass determinations please use the following description: "High Resolution mass spectra (HRMS) were obtained in the Baylor University Mass Spectrometry Center on a Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap Discovery spectrometer using +ESI."
  • For any other experimental data, please request a brief experimental description that is specific to your analyses.
  • Presentation of data may be shown as follows: +ESI-HRMS for [C7H7NO2+H]+ calc. 138.0550 m/z; found: 138.0553 m/z

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our acknowledgement policies. Since the university heavily subsidizes the BU-MSC budget, acknowledgement demonstrating its utility in your research will continue to be vital to the center's success. Thank YOU for helping us grow!