Core Research Centers

The Baylor Sciences Building is home to four core research facilites that enable multidisciplinary research across 6 academic departments and numerous other centers, programs, and institutes.

The Molecular Biosciences Center is a shared facility, intended to nurture, promote, and facilitate biomolecular research through scientific training, consultation, project collaborations, and University service.

The Mass Spectrometry Center provides experimental capabilities to support a broad range of mass spectrometry research, develop technologies, and train students and faculty in the field of mass spectrometry using routine and specialized techniques.

The Center for Microscopy and Imaging was established to meet the growing demand for visualizing dynamic ultrastructural changes in biological samples. The center is dedicated to teaching researchers and students to independently explore the smaller details of our world.

The Center for NMR Spectroscopy offers multiple NMR technologies to serve organic and inorganic synthetic groups, biology groups, and biochemistry groups for component analysis, structure elucidation or validation.

101 Bagby Ave.
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