Director's Office

The Director's office oversees the daily operations of the BSB as well as multiple core research and service facilities. We also collaborate with the various science departments, institutions, centers, and programs that reside here to ensure that the building is functioning to fulfill all academic and research needs.

Christopher Becker Ph.D.
Office: BSB Room D.111.2
Telephone: 710-2400
Fax: 710-2405

Lisa Rowe
Business Operations Manager
Office: BSB Room D.111.3
Telephone: 710-2406
Fax: 710-2405

Victoria Grubic
Scheduling & Office Associate
Office: BSB Room D.111.4
Telephone: 710-2402
Fax: 710-2405

Adam Watson
Senior Technology Support Specialist
Office: BSB Room C.119
Telephone: 710-2577
Fax: 710-2405