Belew Scholars' Room

Location: Third Floor

Unlike the main floor's John Leddy-Jones Research Hall, a reading room open to the public, the Belew Scholars' Room on the third floor of the Armstrong Browning Library is reserved for readers using the Library's materials, researchers who have received ABL Fellowships, and Baylor University faculty members and graduate students.

Pleasantly equipped with comfortable chairs, spacious tables with individual desk lamps, bookcases filled with rare books, and beautiful stained glass windows, the Scholars' Room is an inviting place for research. Bronze busts of Charles Dickens, Matthew Arnold, and John Ruskin, created by Baylor University Sculptor Dr. Douglas W. Crow, add to the ambiance of the room.

On a more practical note, there are plug-ins for laptop computers with OneSearch and electronic database connections; the room is compatible with the wireless AirBear system as well. An open reference area contains major Browning-related works as well as selections such as The Dictionary of National Biography, the eleventh edition of The Encyclopedia of Britannica, and current issues of periodicals such as The Times Literary Supplement, Victorian Poetry, and The Journal of Victorian Culture.

The Belew Scholars' Room was originally the classroom of Dr. A. J. Armstrong and was used by the English Department for many years after his death. A renovation in 1995, made possible by donations of Katherine Belew Gorham, Dr. and Mrs. John S. Belew and others, turned the room into a tranquil and secure setting for scholarly research.