Other Works

Lithograph-Eliza Flower Eliza Flower, Lithograph
Artist: Eliza Fox, 1848
Dimensions: 14" x 11"
Location: Research Hall

Music teacher and good friend to Robert Browning, some scholars believe Eliza Flower (1803 - 1846) was the inspiration for his first published work, Pauline. She definitely encouraged Browning in his desire to be a good poet. An interesting aside is the fact that her sister, Sarah Flower Adams (1805 - 1848), wrote the words for the hymn, "Nearer My God to Thee." Although Eliza set Sarah's words to music, it is not the familiar tune of today.

The artist, Eliza Fox, married Frederick Lee Bridell, a fellow artist, in 1859. Eliza Fox-Bridell's pastel drawing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning hangs in the Elizabeth Barrett Browning Salon.

Research Hall-Pied Piper Pied Piper
Artist: Charles Altamont Doyle
Location: Research Hall

Pen and ink wash. Here the piper is depicted as a Scottish bagpiper, rather than the red and yellow pied piper of the German legend. Doyle (1832 - 1893) became known for his somewhat macabre fantasy scenes and for being the father of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

Painting-St. James the Greater Saint James the Greater, Oil painting
Artist: Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri), c. 1640
Dimensions: 24 1/2 x 21"
Location: Treasure Room

Barbieri acquired the name "Guercino," which means "squint-eye," as the result of an injury which took the sight from one of his eyes. Guercino began his artistic career at the age of ten and later joined the ranks of remarkable young Italian artists of his day. His paintings are found in practically every important city in Italy as well as in many other European galleries.

Saint James the Greater was a gift to the Library in 1959 from Robert Manning, who chose to give this particular painting because it reminded him of Browning and The Guardian Angel, another Guercino painting that Browning especially admired.

Painting-Charity by Guercino Charity, Oil painting
Artist: Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri), c. 1600s
Dimensions: framed 46" x 56"
Location: Treasure Room

This painting depicts the Virgin Mary and three children, using the presence of the weeping child to illustrate the title of the work. Charity was given to the Library in 1960 by Robert Manning of New York.

Guardian Angel Copy of Guercino's 1640 oil painting, L'Angelo Custode
Dimensions: 7' x 4'
Location: Research Hall

Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning saw Guercino's original painting in Fano and Browning was inspired to write a poem, which he called "The Guardian Angel: A Picture at Fano." In the poem, Browning wishes that the angel could come down from the painting and minister to him and, in so doing, help him to see the world "as God has made it!"

This copy was commissioned in 1932 by William Lyon Phelps, Yale professor and the initial founder of The Fano Club. After his death in 1943, his family donated the painting to the Armstrong Browning Library where the tradition of The Fano Club lives on.

Painting-Annunciation Copy of Carlo Dolci's oil painting, Annunciation
Artist: Egisto Manzuoli, late 19th century
Dimensions: framed 41" x 35"
Location: Treasure Room

The Dolci original, and its pendant the Annunciate Virgin, is in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. This beautiful copy, boldly signed on the verso, was a personal gift in 1948 from Ray and Freddie Dudley to Dr. A. J. Armstrong. It was transferred to the Library by Mrs. Armstrong in 1959.

Painting-RB & EBB Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Artist: John Carroll, 1945
Dimensions: 23" x 29"
Location: Foyer of Meditation, Cloister of the Clasped Hands


One of the focal points of the Cloister, this fantasized illustration of the Brownings' courtship was commissioned to promote the power of letter-writing. Its plaque contains a line from one of Robert Browning's letters, "Dear, dear Ba...I believe that, when I have been your husband for years...if I were separated from you for a day and a letter came...my heart would move to it just as it now does." The painting was donated to the Armstrong Browning Library by the Eaton Paper Company.