Ring and the Book, I, Lyric Love

Charles J. Connick Associates, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts

This window is devoted to symbols of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Michal, and Constance--characters drawn from three sources: the last part of Book I of The Ring and the Book, Paracelsus, and "In a Balcony."

The dominant central figure symbolizing Elizabeth is accompanied by birds and angelic wings to suggest the theme, "half angel and half bird." She holds the symbol of the ring and book.

Constance is indicated in a balcony and she holds a rose, while the vine near Michal suggests "drooping vines their grapes bow down." At their feet are the flaming roses, and the angelic figures below also hold roses.

The border of orange blossoms, the symbol of purity, is enriched with figures of singing angels and birds.

Window - R&B O Lyric Love

Excerpt from Robert Browning's
The Ring and the Book, I, "O Lyric Love"

Never may I commence my song, my due
To God who best taught song by gift of thee,
Except with bent head and beseeching hand--
That still, despite the distance and the dark,
What was, again may be; some interchange
Of grace, some splendor once thy very thought,
Some benediction anciently thy smile:
--Never conclude, but raising hand and head
Thither where eyes, that cannot reach, yet yearn
For all hope, all sustainment, all reward,
Their utmost up and on,--so blessing back
In those thy realms of help, that heaven thy home,
Some whiteness which, I judge, thy face makes proud,
Some wanness where, I think, thy foot may fall!

O lyric Love, half angel and half bird,
And all a wonder and a wild desire,--
Boldest of hearts that ever braved the sun,
Took sanctuary within the holier blue.

Gift of Delta Alpha Pi