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This window is devoted to Cleon, who is surrounded by his achievements and confined by the dark clouds of an incomplete pagan philosophy through which breaks "Paulus" the dawn of Christianity. Toward the bottom of the window, the angels with crystal balls symbolize the future. The lily border--"Lily on lily, that o'erlaced the sea"--is interspersed with symbols of painting, music (the lyre in the middle), and sculpture at the top; the "rose-blood flower" and fountains on the sides; and the Sun God and Zeus are portrayed at the bottom.
Window - Cleon

Excerpt from Robert Browning's

     Man might live at first
The animal life: but is there nothing more?
In due time, let him critically learn
How he lives; and, the more he gets to know
Of his own life's adaptabilities,
The more joy-giving will his life become.
Thus man, who hath this quality, is best.

I dare at times imagine to my need
Some future state revealed to us by Zeus,
Unlimited in capability
For joy, as this is in desire for joy.

Gift of Frederick W. Schumacher