My Star

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The angelic figure in the main image bears the star dartling its red and blue. There is the suggestion of "Saturn above it" along with a bird and the flower that "hangs furled." Note the stars that adorn the border.

The date of the poem's composition is unknown, but it probably belongs to Italy and Browning's married life. The tradition is that the poem was written to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It was Browning's custom, when admirers asked for his autograph, to write out this poem.

Belew S.R.-My Star

Robert Browning's
"My Star"

All that I know
   Of a certain star
Is, it can throw
   (Like the angled spar)
Now a dart of red,
   Now a dart of blue;
Till my friends have said
   They would fain see, too,
My star that dartles the red and the blue!
Then it stops like a bird; like a flower, hangs furled:
   They must solace themselves with the Saturn above it.
What matter to me if their star is a world?
   Mine has opened its soul to me; therefore I love it.

My star that dartles the red and the blue!

In honor of Cora Casey Smith and Walter Clarence Smith

Gift of Mrs. Lois Smith Douglas Murray Strain