Tutoring Instructions

Matt Turnbull, our Graduate Tutor, offers writing tutoring in the Junior Common Room of Brooks College during the week. You can bring any kind of writing to him: an essay; a paragraph; a history, or political science, or philosophy, or sociology assignment; a lab report; a resume; a letter to your mother; or (of course) an English paper. You can bring your writing to Matt at any stage of the writing process: if it is a thought, an outline, a messy draft, or a final draft.

Want to sign up for an appointment?

Step 1: Check Matt's availability:

Step 2: : E-mail Matt_Turnbull1@Baylor.edu and let him know which time you would like to reserve.

Step 3: Show up to your tutoring appointment with all necessary materials, including the prompt for the assignment, if it has one.

If you have questions or difficulty signing up, please don’t hesitate to e-mail Matt_Turnbull1@Baylor.edu