Building Community

The Junior Common Room

Common Rooms are a feature of traditional residential colleges and exist to provide opportunities for socializing and to offer particular residence hall services to specific populations. The Junior Common Room is for undergraduate students and their guests, and is affectionately referred to by our students as the living room of Brooks College. Here, students gather to talk, meet to play ping pong, study with colleagues, or watch a movie with friends. Brooks College students have access to the Junior Common Room 24 hours a day.

Front Desk

The Front Desk, housed in the Junior Common Room, is the hospitality hub of Brooks College. Residents and guests are welcome to come seeking answers to their questions, to receive unlock codes if they cannot access their room, to bring an empty mug for free premium coffee, and to hang out with our friendly front desk staff. Students can also check out recreation supplies such as pool cues, board games and kitchen supplies. The front desk is open every day from 7am-1am with limited hours on university holidays.

Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen, housed in the Junior Common Room, is a fully functioning kitchen with stove, large refrigerator and microwave. Students can sign out kitchen supplies at the Front Desk with their Baylor ID. The kitchen also has two vending machines with soft drinks and snacks.


The Quadrangle is in a traditional Oxford-Cambridge style with an enclosed courtyard and one primary entry/exit to the College. This beautiful gardened space numbers among the most important "rooms" of the college, as a place for formal gatherings such as Concert on the Quad, serendipitous encounters, quiet solitude, and other outdoor games. Soccer goals are available to check-out at the front desk.