Community Traditions

Over the years, the students of Brooks College have established several traditions that have enriched the life and experience of our community.

Brooks College Council Traditions

The student-led College Council plans several events throughout the semester that are annual traditions.
Some examples are:

  • Reel Talk: movie night followed by discussion
  • Yule Ball and May Ball: College Balls at the end of each semester
  • Concert on the Quad: concert with performers from within the college
  • Worship Services: Monthly services led by members of the College.
  • Brookstravaganza: A weekend-long event where floors compete in athletics, quizzes and strategic games
  • Culture Fair: an opportunity for students to share their culture and learn about the cultures of others in the community
Group photo of a multi-cultural friend group

Senior Book Tradition

Every graduating senior of Brooks College is invited to present a book of their choosing at the last Sunday Night Dinner of the semester with a personal inscription to future college members. Their words are a reflection of their experience at Brooks College and offer wisdom and advice to the current and incoming students. Senior Books are kept in a glass case in the Henry Library and students are encouraged to leaf through the inscriptions when needing a study break.

Photo of female child reading Harry Potter

Tree Planting Ceremony

Each year, the graduating class is invited to participate in a tree planting ceremony on Minglewood Bowl before the last Sunday Night Dinner of the semester. During the ceremony, seniors bury written reflections or hopes for the future around the roots of a newly planted tree, marking their time at Baylor and at Brooks College.

Two students hold a gold shovel together