Requirements to Apply

Academic Requirements

Brooks College is open to Baylor students of all classifications, regardless of major or GPA.

Application for Admission

To apply to Brooks Residential College, you will need to have been accepted to Baylor and submitted your deposit. Complete the housing application in your goBAYLOR account and select Brooks Residential College as your first preference. Candidates are asked to write a few sentences explaining why they want to live in Brooks College. Please visit our Application Information page for more details.

Meal Plans

All students living in Brooks College, regardless of classification, are required to select from a variety of the traditional meal plans provided by Dining Services. For more information about meal plans, visit the website for Dining Services.

Programming Fee

All students in Brooks College will have to pay a programming fee of $100 per semester. The fee is non-refundable after the 12th class day of the semester.

Freshmen Two-year Contract

First-year students wishing to reside in Brooks College are required to make a two-year housing commitment. Brooks is a special place that tries to fully capture the mission of Baylor and educate students for worldwide leadership and service through the integration of academic excellence, Christian commitment, and a caring community. We believe this goal is best achieved when students choose to live at Brooks all four years. For this reason, we require our incoming first-year students to remain at Brooks College through the end of their second year at Baylor. Students are not released from the two-year commitment to Brooks unless there are extenuating circumstances.