Community Leaders

Brooks College has eleven Community Leaders (CLs) chosen by the Campus Living & Learning Staff and the College Professional Staff. Each Community Leader is responsible for a group of 30-35 members of the college and strives to offer support to students of the college in every possible way. CLs are responsible for mentoring students, connecting them to the cultures of the residential college and campus communities, fostering relationships with and among peers, and upholding Baylor's values and standards in the college. Community Leaders are responsible for facilitating relationships between the students and the Faculty Partners. Community Leaders in Brooks College go through the standard Campus Living & Learning application process for Community Leaders, which begins each year in October.

Caden Betancourt

"The Foundation" (Rooms 109-120)
1st Floor, Men

Savannah Buhman

"The Lovelies" (Rooms 126-142)
1st Floor, Women

Andrew Scalia

"The Forge" (Rooms 206-220)
2nd Floor, Men

Caleb Young

"The Forge" (Rooms 226-240)
2nd Floor, Men

Jessica Brooks

"The Small Hall" (Rooms 242-261)
2nd Floor, Women

John Brantley

"The Fellowship" (Rooms 301-320)
3rd Floor, Men

Elizabeth Rubino

"The Stitch" (Rooms 326-342)
3rd Floor, Women

Peach Storm

"The Stitch" (Rooms 348-366)
3rd Floor, Women

Miguel Iglesias

"The Forum" (Rooms 401-420)
4th Floor, Men

Hannah Edenfield

"The Belles" (Rooms 426-442)
4th Floor, Women

Katie Stepek

"The Belles" (Rooms 446-466)
4th Floor, Women

Updated for the Fall 2021 semester