Graduate Tutor

Matt Turnbull was born in Iowa, grew up in the red rocks of Utah, and finished high school in the mountains of Washington State. He earned two bachelor’s degrees, in English and Psychology, and two minors, in Art and Music. He enjoys playing jazz, hiking, reading, writing, and being with Christie and their kids.

Because he loves it, Matt has been teaching writing and literature to students since 1999. Presently, he is in the middle of the Ph.D. program in English. This means he has spent a year and a half as a consultant at the Baylor University Writing Center, and has invested this past year as a teacher of English 1302 and 1304 for first-year students here at Baylor.

Come see Matt in the Junior Common Room of Brooks College so that he can assist you with your writing project. You can bring any kind of writing to him: an essay; a paragraph; a history, or political science, or philosophy, or sociology assignment; a lab report; a resume; a letter to your mother; or (of course) an English paper. You can bring your writing to Matt at any stage of the writing process: if it is a thought, an outline, a messy draft, or a final draft. Go ahead and make an appointment!