Baylor's Lab to Market Collaborative Developed

During 2018 and 2019, Lab to Market (L2M) is developed as a collaboration between Blueprints Lab, Waco Ventures, and Baylor's Technology Commercialization and Industry Engagement Team. The L2M collaboration creates a systematic and proven approach to commercialize technology out of the University and into the marketplace. L2M processes come from listening to the needs of industry partners and university researchers and studied the roadblocks that prevent technologies from moving successfully to market. Additionally, the L2M team acts as the conduit for industry to have access to Baylor Research Facilities for both services and R&D. Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Technology Commercialization and Industry Engagement, Todd Buchs, emphasizes, "We are looking for partners who want to have long-term relationships with Baylor on research and development where they win by getting what they need—access to faculty and students and solutions to the problems they face."


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