BRIC Adds Industry and Education Partners

The BRIC enjoys surprising growth with over 151,000 square feet of the 300,000 square foot facility occupied in just two years. Birkeland Current, an innovative wireless sensing technology R&D company moves into the BRIC in 2015 and begins partnering with Baylor faculty on grants and the development of innovative sensors for homes and businesses. Additionally, in 2015, LEx Laboratories is formed as a collaboration between Waco-based Education Service Center Region 12, Fort Worth Agriculture firm Huckabee, Inc., and Baylor University. The collaborative seeks to develop and research the best use of innovative and readily adaptable flexible learning spaces for K-12 students.

The BRIC capitalizes on its own unique set of resources to promote STEM education locally and beyond. STEM education outreach is one of the BRIC's five foundational pillars and is crucial to local students who are being required to decide earlier than ever what career path they will pursue in high school and beyond. It is also important to industry and high-tech businesses that need a highly trained STEM workforce. Summer research programs allow graduate and undergraduate students and teachers from the Central Texas ESC Region 12 area to conduct research alongside Baylor faculty. STEM camps are held for local students with participating faculty researchers. Furthermore, LEx labs provide unique professional development opportunities for local teachers to be trained in effective STEM educational practices.


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