Testing Services

The MTACC provides a variety of certified tests that follow the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard, as well as several composite tests developed by the Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association (SACMA).

Tensile Tests Test Methods
Tensile properties polymer matrix composites ASTM D3039, D5766 (open hole), D6742 (filled hole) SACMA SRM 4R, 9R
In plane shear ASTM D3518, SACMA SRM 7R
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D1894
Tension-Tension Fatigue pf Polymer Matrix Materials ASTM D3479
Flatwise Tensile Strength of Sandwich Constructions ASTM C297
Compression Tests Test Methods
Short Beam Strength ASTM D2344, SACMA SRM 8R
Compression Properties ASTM D695, SACMA SRM 1R, 6R
In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics ASTM D3846
Beam Flexure (3pt and 4pt Bend) ASTM D7264, D6272, D790, C393, D7249
Compression combined loading ASTM D6641
Compression after impact ASTM D7137, SACMA SRM 2R
V Notch Shear Out-of-plane ASTM D5379
Compression properties D6484 (open hole), D6742 (filled hole)
Thermal Tests Test Methods
Glass Transition by Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) ASTM D7028, SACMA SRM 18R
Transition Temperatures, Enthalpies of Fusion, Crystallization of Polymers ASTM D7426, E1356, D3418, SACMA SRM 25R
Melting Temperature and Crystallization Temperatures ASTM E794
Standard Test Method for Compositional Analysis by Thermogravimetry ASTM E1131
Thermal Expansion ASTM E831
Glass Transition

ASTM E1545


Lamina/Laminate Properties Tests Test Methods
Constituent Content of Composite Materials ASTM D3171, ASTM D2734, SACMA SRM 10R
Moisture absorption ASTM D5229, SACMA SRM 11R
Density and specific gravity of plastics ASTM D792
Nondestructive testing and Imaging Tests Test Methods
Liquid Penetrant ASTM E165, E1417
Scanning Electron Microscopy – surface observations of metallic and polymeric systems using SEM and EDAX Baylor SOP-NDT-SEM-XXX
Xray Computed Tomography – subsurface measurements of metallic and polymeric system using a micro-focus 225 kV CT Baylor SOP-NDT-CT-XXX
Immersion and portable ultrasonic c-scan to identify the ply thickness, count and orientation of woven fiber laminates Baylor SOP-NDT-UT-XXX
Immersion and portable ultrasonic c-scan to quantify spatial variations in the adhesive bondline between metallics and/or composite laminated systems Baylor SOP-NDT-UT-XXX
Other Tests/Equipment Test Methods
Izod Impact Baylor SOP-ME-011
Drop Weight Impact Baylor SOP-ME-009


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