Second year of BRIC operations brings new and expanded industry partnerships

In 2013, New York-based L-3 Communications became the BRIC's first corporate partner when the company leased space for a research and development group of up to 20 engineers from the company's Platform Integration sector. By early 2014, the company found the arrangement so advantageous executives asked to nearly double their presence, to approximately 5,300 sq. ft.

More recently, a joint venture between Texas Education Service Center Region 12 and Fort Worth-based architecture firm, Huckabee, secured space in the BRIC where the next generation of modular teaching facilities will be designed, refined and evaluated in an on-site, real-world teaching environment.

A third partnership developed when Rice-educated astrophysicist and engineer John Fitch decided to move his technology services and innovation company, Birkeland Current, into the BRIC.


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