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Learning Experience (LEx) Collaborative is a partnership between Baylor University, Education Service Center Region 12 and Huckabee Architects. At the BRIC, all three partners work together to perform cutting-edge research on the impact of learning environments on students.

“The biggest benefit of being in the BRIC is access to people,” said Judy York, education specialist and coordinator for instruction for Education Service Center Region 12. “Baylor faculty or other BRIC tenants drop by and we have conversations, then exciting things start to happen. Those conversations wouldn’t happen if we were miles apart.”

Kerri Ranney is the vice president of educational practice at Huckabee, where she leads the company’s research efforts. Working with the BRIC helps her organization deliver their clients solutions that are backed up by rigorous science.

“The research we’re doing is so robustly designed and validated through Baylor,” Ranney said. “It gives us credible data showing the connection that investing in the built environment and professional learning does positively impact student engagement. We can bring in clients and potential clients to test out the flexibility and functionality of the components in a space that just invites creativity and innovation.”

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