Delta G Design Inc.

Delta G Design Inc. is an aircraft consulting, analysis, and certification firm with offices located in the BRIC, just steps from the laboratory of Dr. David Jack, professor of mechanical engineering in Baylor’s School of Engineering and Computer Science. This unique location gives Delta G the ability to consolidate its engineering, testing and fabrication functions all in one place.

"The more you can co-locate, the more you benefit", said Donald Gillespie, vice president of Delta G. "We're so close to Dr. Jack's" lab we don't have to drive to a meeting or even pick up a phone when we have questions—we can just walk down to his office and talk face-to-face. It’s hard to quantify the benefits of these impromptu meetings, but it’s easy to see the improvement in communication when they happen.”

Gillespie says the ease of having frequent, in-person contact between the company and Baylor researchers makes the process of design, analysis and testing much more efficient. As an FAA Designated Engineering Representative, Gillespie can witness testing in Dr. Jack's lab, validate its compliance with relevant regulations, and sign off on the work, all without leaving the building.

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