Verifi Technologies LLC

Chad Lewis, CEO of Verifi Technologies says that successful commercialization requires three elements: an outstanding technology, the right financing partners and an experienced commercialization team. Through its partnership with the BRIC and support of Dr. David Jack’s non-destructive testing technology, Verifi brings all three of those elements together.

“At Baylor, we found a well-established lab with strong support from the university, which allows the researchers to focus on what they do well—creating innovative technologies—while we determine the needs of military and commercial organizations and help the researchers adapt their technologies to meet those needs. Baylor has put together a team that understands how to bridge the gap between commercial and academic interests and allow industry to influence the direction of research to meet their needs. Having offices at the BRIC with the research team allows close collaboration and immediate feedback on the demands of the commercial market. We can bring potential partners into the lab and show them the technology and its applicability to their needs in real time, right there on-site. It’s that type of collaboration that drives the development of the technology.”


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