Symposium Set up Policies

BRIC Symposium Set-Up Options

Although the room set-ups may be customized based on individual need, the following are typical capacities and set-ups for the BRIC symposium spaces:

*Room set ups must be submitted a minimum of 7 days in advance
Symposium # Setup Options Max Guests Equipment
3160 Seating Only up to 140 Chairs only
3160 Lecture Style up to 70 6ft rectangle tables - 5 rows of 7 rectangle table each
3160 Group Style up to 72 60 inch round tables - 12 rounds with 6 chairs each
2160 Seating only up to 100 Chairs only
2160 Lecture Style up to 50 6ft rectangle tables - 5 rows of 5 rectangular tables each
2160 Group Style up to 60 60 inch round tables - 10 rounds with 6 chairs each
1160.01 U-Shape up to 12 6ft rectangular tables
1160.02 U-Shape up to 12 6ft rectangular tables
1160.03 U-Shape up to 12 6ft rectangular tables
*1160.01 and 1160.03 have one whiteboard wall each. Mobile whiteboards are available upon request. 
*Room set-ups must be submitted to the BRIC Director's Office a minimum of 7 days prior to the event start date. 


Additional Notes
  • Consultation visits are suggested prior to the event to ensure the most appropriate space(s) are reserved and set-ups are optimal
  • All symposiums are managed by the Aramark Facility Services department prior to the event start date. Once the symposium has been set up per request, tables and/or chairs within the rooms must NOT be moved or rearranged by the group reserving the room. 
  • Any changes to the room set up after the submission deadline (7 days prior to the event start date) must be approved by the BRIC Director’s Office.  
  • The BRIC has a limited number of tables and chairs to be shared across all symposiums. Facility Service’s equipment may be used for larger events.  
  • Any extra tables/chairs needed for the event must be requested from Baylor Facility Services (Aramark Physical Plant) by calling 254-710-1361.


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