Setting up a BRIC Mailbox

The mailroom at the BRIC contains mail slots that USPS/ Campus mail can be sent to directly. These mailboxes are only for authorized BRIC tenants.

The following individuals are eligible to set up a BRIC mailbox:

  • BRIC Stakeholders
  • BRIC Lab Principal Investigators (PI)
  • BRIC Industry Partners

If eligible to set up a mailbox, the authorized POC needs to follow the procedures below:

  1. Submit a written request to The mailbox number will correspond to the POC's suite number
  2. Once the request has been submitted and approved, the authorized POC will need to check a key out from the Director’s Office
  3. If more than one person needs access to the same mailbox for a particular suite, the authorized POC needs to follow the steps above with the name of each person the POC is allowing to check out a key (only three keys are available for each mailbox)
Returning a Mailbox Key
To return a mailbox key, drop the key off at the BRIC Director’s Office or leave it with a student-worker at the front desk. The mailbox key must be returned if an individual is moving out of the BRIC or no longer meets the eligibility requirements for maintaining a mailbox at the BRIC building.


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