Delivered Package Process

Package Notification Process

The BRIC Front Desk/ Director’s Office handles all package deliveries to the BRIC. Mail deliveries are received Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm by the BRIC front office.

Upon the arrival of packages, the BRIC front office will send an email to the recipient notifying them that the package has been received and will be placed in the BRIC mailroom.

The BRIC Director’s Office is not responsible for the arrival of packages. However, we are always willing to help locate packages missing from the mailroom.

The front office is closed during campus holidays and will not be able to receive packages during those times. The recipient is responsible for arrangements for packages arriving outside of front office operating hours.

Large freight, chemicals, and packages with potentially hazardous or temperature-sensitive contents will be received at the back dock. Have delivery drivers follow the fence line to the back of the building, and park at the loading dock which is located near the dumpster. Contact information is located on the back door for assistance.  

*Outgoing USPS and intercampus mailboxes are available and located in the mailroom.


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