Media Technologies

Media technologies are foundational to our ability to learn, work, and play. The technologies by which information is collected, transmitted and displayed provide support to industries ranging from film, television and education to medicine, aerospace, defense, security and more. Baylor University works with industry, government, and academia to develop new enabling technologies for visual displays and better understand how technical aspects of digital media affect the viewer experience.

Media Technologies

Baylor efforts in media technology innovation include a revolutionary system for image display that adds additional primary colors to the traditional red, green and blue (RGB). The system yields massive improvements in color fidelity and reduction in metameric errors while maintaining backward-compatibility with older color systems. Besides the obvious impact on the entertainment industry, the development could be applied to other industries like telemedicine and defense.

Other research in this area includes examining how frame rates affect human engagement with digital media and studies on emissive display technologies and their impacts on media production, simulation, decision making, marketing, and more.


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