The aerospace industry is a major driver of research and development in science and engineering. Baylor faculty members are heavily involved in this growing research area, making discoveries that improve aircraft safety and reduce costs.

Baylor Aerospace Research - David Jack

Here are just a few examples of the aerospace research going on at the BRIC:

Stephen McClain, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering in Baylor’s School of Engineering & Computer Science, is studying the processes through which ice forms on aircraft surfaces. He uses wind tunnels and computer modeling to understand how the surface of the ice interacts with airflow around an aircraft, potentially leading to advances that could prevent disasters.

David Jack, Ph.D., associate professor of mechanical engineering, has developed innovative, non-destructive testing methods for composite materials. These methods allow aircraft manufacturers and operators to quickly test components for safety, ensuring the parts meet FAA certification requirements with reduced down-time.

Lulin Jiang, Ph.D., assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is working on novel multi-fuel injectors for jet turbines. This new “Swirl-Burst” injector improves on previous injector designs and could lead to better efficiency and higher performance in engines using renewable biofuels.


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