Materials Science

Baylor researchers in the materials sciences drive breakthroughs, with applications for transportation, manufacturing and a variety of diverse industries.

In a major development for aerospace safety and defense, Baylor has developed non-destructive inspection technologies. These breakthroughs have resulted in a portable ultrasound device for testing of materials in aircraft components. The technology is now being commercialized for use in commercial as well as military/DoD applications such as Rotorcraft maintenance. On the ground, Baylor researchers are developing composite railroad ties, which circumvent many of the environment hazards of traditional railroad ties and provide an eco-friendly way to utilize plastic waste

Researchers at Baylor also make manufacturing easier and more sustainable. BRIC scientists and engineers work with cutting-edge manufacturers on the application of additive manufacturing technology to solve real-world problems for logistics and maintenance needs. Other current research and development efforts include metamaterials, plasmonic materials, and ceramic matrix composites.

For partners with testing and analysis needs, Baylor’s Materials Testing and Characterization Core (MTACC) provides equipment and infrastructure for nondestructive testing. Learn more about Materials Testing and Characterization Core (MTACC).


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