Audiovisual Information

A/V Training Tools

*Additional A/V training is available by appointment only. To register, email or call 254-307-1614.

Technology and A/V Equipment
Event Tech Inventory
  1160.01/02/03 2160 3160
Handheld Mics 2 2 4
Lapel Mics 2 2 2
Presentation Remote 1 1 1
Desktop PC *0 1 1
*Connections for personal laptops to room displays are still available
  • BRIC Symposiums are equipped to meet most audio/visual needs. Please plan accordingly if A/V trial runs are needed prior to the event.  
  • BRIC symposium 3160 is the only symposium equipped with the latest video-conferencing technology. Please notify CTS of any video conference needs/requests. 
  • Desktops are only provided for Faculty/Staff or students with a Bear ID Login in symposiums 2160 and 3160.      
  • Requests for additional technical equipment and/or services not provided in a room and are the responsibility of the person reserving the room(s). Examples of technical equipment not included: computers, dongles, or any accessory equipment.  
A/V Issues 
  • A/V issues in the symposiums need to be reported to Classroom Technology Services at 254-307-1614, or by email at
  • Normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. 


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