University research parks, by their nature, impact the local area in positive ways.

Studies show that for every job in a research park, another 2.57 jobs are created typically jobs in emerging high-technology fields that ultimately enhance economic development of the local area and surrounding region.

Dr. Truell Hyde, vice provost for research at Baylor explains, The BRIC brings together many disparate parts Baylor faculty doing cutting-edge research in emerging technologies, industry partners working with researchers to solve real-world problems, small businesses needing help to bring their ideas to the marketplace and puts them in one building designed to facilitate day-to-day interaction, thereby stimulating new ideas which help people and businesses grow, become successful and want to stay here, hire people, pay taxes and impact the community.

In recognition of this fact, local city and county governments, private foundations and economic development interests noted here have been generous in supporting the design and construction of the BRIC.

We are proud to celebrate this partnership.