The BRIC serves its community partners and surrounding area on several levels.

As a resource for promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations as career options, the BRIC is designed with broad corridors and glass-walled laboratories that afford tour groups of K-12 students, teachers and other visitors an unrivaled opportunity to witness for themselves the normally sequestered process of research.

Through the generosity of NASA and other supporters, the BRIC will feature numerous museum-quality exhibits of U.S. space program artifacts, including the Tethered Satellite System, an assortment of Space Shuttle components, test units and instrumentation, much of which flew in orbit.

These and other museum-quality displays serve to pique interest and curiosity in the sciences and technical fields among visitors to the BRIC, inspiring the young with prime examples of scientific and engineering accomplishment and stimulating support for research among more mature visitors.

The BRIC will help Baylor and its community partners expand activities and programs for K-12 and undergraduate students. Current opportunities include: