In only a few short years, Baylor researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines have earned the university a growing reputation for relevant, world-class research. In 2006 the Carnegie Foundation assigned the institution a 'high research activity' classification, solidifying Baylor's place among the nation's most productive research institutions.

Today, with more than 20 research centers and institutes and many additional respected department-based faculty researchers, Baylor's commitment to and capacity for discovery are unquestioned. The newly completed Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative places many of Baylor's most accomplished scientists and engineers in a uniquely collaborative environment, rich in resources and primed for incisive innovation in quantum physics, cosmology, and mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, ranging on to the biomedical, geospatial and environmental sciences and beyond.

The BRIC adds yet another practical dimension to discovery by bringing these and other highly sought support resources within easy grasp of entrepreneurs, businesses and industries whose very survival depends on timely innovation.