Social Media

Consistent and strategic branding allows for users to create and strengthen connections with the University and its related social media accounts.

A unified brand strategy is critical for Baylor-owned accounts. Not only do brand guidelines improve the identity of University accounts, they provide cohesion among the channels that allows users to quickly recognize they are consuming content from a University entity.

For more information on guidelines and best practices for Social Media, visit Inclusion on the Baylor Social Media Directory requires compliance with these standards.

Baylor Social Media

Social Media Mark

One of the most important branding elements of a social media presence is a common profile image. This image should be uniform across all social platforms to reinforce brand awareness and allow users to immediately recognize that social network accounts on different platforms represent the same entity on campus.

While a profile image may be created at a larger size, when scaled to the mobile environment, it may become unreadable or distorted. As such, the Official Brand Signature lockups for academic units are not recommended for this use. A design has been provided to align with the overall University Brand Standards and enhance readability and recognition of the visuals in a profile.

The Social Media Mark, an adaptation of the University Brand Mark, visually identifies accounts that officially represent a University entity. If using a mark on social platforms, the Social Media Mark is to be used. These marks are available in the Brand Toolbox.

Download Social Media Marks

If your Social Media Mark is not available in the Brand Toolbox you may request one through

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