Fonts & Typography

Consistent use of typography is an important way we build our brand. When utilized thoughtfully, the right fonts can add visual meaning to what is communicated. Baylor’s Official Type families communicate clearly and cleanly and are flexible across a wide range of applications.

Designer Fonts

Ideal for art directors and designers, Bio Sans, ITC Giovanni and Calluna along with Museo, Museo Sans and Museo Slab provide a powerful set of tools for communication. Selected based on legibility and functionality, each includes a range of weights.

You may activate Bio Sans, ITC Giovanni and Calluna from Adobe Fonts if you are using Baylor’s Enterprise Account for the Creative Cloud. Go to Baylor’s Information Technology Services Adobe Cloud ‒ Faculty/Staff Page for more information. Designer Fonts may also be purchased through a reputable U.S. font company.

Note: Do not download free fonts from unverified sources.

Bio Sans font samples
ITC Giovani font samples
Calluna font samples
Museo font samples
Museo Sans font samples
Museo Slab font samples

For the vast majority of University communications, the following Universal Fonts are recommended for official use. User-friendly and easily accessible, they are available as part of the Microsoft Office Software Suite on most Baylor computers.

Georgia font samples
Helvetica font samples
Working with Type

The way fonts are set and displayed reflects the University Brand. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Be sure to set the page margins to allow plenty of space around the edge of the page.
  • Limit the use of Bold and Italic fonts to very specific words or phrases ‒ if everything is bold, then nothing is bold
  • Contrasting typefaces for headlines and body copy provides a fresh, clean look to your design. For example, consider Bio Sans SemiBold for the headlines, ITC Giovanni Book for the body copy and Bio Sans ExtraBold in all caps for the subheads. The opposite works well, too.

Remember: The University Brand Mark (created from Goudy Oldstyle) has been customized. It is not a typeface. It’s a registered Brand Mark. Do not try to recreate it. Always use the official University Brand Mark as provided in the Brand Toolbox.