Official Institutional Marks

Over the years, the University has designed, developed and rallied around certain institutional marks – many of which continue to be relevant today.

Official Institutional Marks are reserved for special uses only, restricted to select events, official documents, internal programs and project-specific communications sanctioned by the University. They are never used in place of the University Brand Mark, nor are they to be reproduced or displayed without permission.

Presidential Mark

Baylor University Presidential Seal

The University Seal is one of Baylor’s most cherished emblems. As the official indicia/insignia of the University, it is restricted for use by and for the Office of the President and the Board of Regents.

Engraved with the date of the University’s charter – and inscribed with the University motto, Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana – the seal adds authority and authenticity to official documents, diplomas, certificates and communications from the Office of the President.

The University Seal may not be altered in any way. It may not be used on departmental stationery, interior signage, advertising, promotion or any form of communication except for business conducted by the Board of Regents or the Office of the President and select specialty applications.

Exceptions for use of the seal may include jewelry, high-end commemorative gift items and official academic or University materials. Product applications must be approved through the Collegiate Licensing Office.

Commemorative Mark

Baylor Commemorative Mark

Having once served as the institutional symbol of the University, the now-designated University “Commemorative Mark” has officially been replaced by the University Brand Mark. While the Commemorative Mark will no longer be designated for official University business nor displayed by its various entities, it will not disappear.

Incorporating three of Baylor’s beloved icons – Pat Neff Hall, the statue of founder R.E.B. Baylor and the date (1845) when the University was chartered – the Commemorative Mark will remain an integral part of the culture in select permanent installations on campus as well as through special University events and commemorations that celebrate our heritage.

The Commemorative Mark is restricted in use to special requests submitted to the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Strategy Marks

Strategy Marks samples

Developed to identify, ignite and build affinity for select University programs, these marks serve highly strategic purposes. As such, they are restricted for internal use for designated schools, colleges and University project-specific communications.