University Brand Mark

The University Brand Mark is the centerpiece of our visual identity. It acts as a signature, an identifier and the most visible representative of our University to the world. Everything is designed to flow from it. Every application is designed to align with it. And every piece of communication is strengthened by its consistent use.

The University Brand Mark has three components, that are always together, united to clearly and consistently register our brand:

  1. The interlocking BU,
  2. The newly recalibrated Baylor University wordmark, and
  3. A single line dividing the two.

The wordmark (Baylor University) is based on Goudy Oldstyle, a classic American typeface. It has been converted to outline and adjusted to create a brand mark unique to Baylor. Do not try to recreate the wordmark. Use only the official University Brand Mark as provided in the Brand Toolbox.

Download the University Brand Mark

The University Brand Mark is to be used in all University communications, to audiences both internal and external. It is offered in two configurations ‒ horizontal and stacked.

Horizontal Baylor Brand mark
Stacked Baylor Brand mark
Give It Room

We want our brand to stand out and be noticed. So we don’t crowd it. We give it space. And allow it to breathe. By allowing sufficient “clear space” around it, we help ensure that our brand is both visible and legible. When displaying the University Brand Mark, the following guidelines apply.

Baylor mark usage instructions - horizontal Baylor mark usage instructions - stacked
Show It Respect

We’re proud of our brand, so we treat it with respect.

When displaying the University Brand Mark, make sure it’s legible, significant and appropriate for the size of the communication tool being produced. If the Brand Mark is too small, it loses its impact.

Below are approximate minimum sizes for various standard pieces of communication. The ideal size depends on the size of the piece and the relationship to other elements on the page.


Sample Size of Communication Tool Approx. Mark Width
Approx. Mark Width
3.875" x 8.5" 2.75" 2.125"
5.5" x 8.5" 3.25" 2.5"
8.5" x 11" 3.875" 2.625"
11" x 17"+ 5"+ 3.875"+