Executive Committee

From the bylaws: The Board shall have an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chairs, the chairs from among the Board's standing committees, the Emeriti Chair (subject to the requirements contained in Board Policy), and if still serving as a member of the Board, the immediate past Chair of the Board. The President shall also be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. The Chair shall also serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee. This Committee shall have the full authority of the Board to act on corporate issues between meetings with the exception of the following matters, which matters are specifically reserved for the Board:

  1. Any action regarding Baylor's mission, vision or strategic plans
  2. Amendment of the Certificate of Formation, Bylaws or Board Guidelines
  3. Conferral of degrees
  4. Selection, evaluation, or termination of the President
  5. Termination of a vice president or member of the President's Executive Council
  6. Election of Baylor University Regents and Board officers
  7. Removal of a Regent
  8. Election of Regents to affiliated organizations
  9. Any action increasing or decreasing the University's annual budget
  10. Any action using Baylor credit
  11. Determination of reasonableness of salaries, other compensation and benefits of disqualified or highly compensated persons
  12. Any matter in which any voting or ex officio member of the Executive Committee asks to be considered by the Board
  13. Capital projects and real property transactions
2021-2022 Committee Members
  • Mark Rountree - Chair
  • Larry P. Heard - Vice Chair and Chair, University Leadership and Compensation Committee
  • Melissa Purdy Mines - Vice Chair and Chair, Student Life Committee
  • Dennis R. Wiles - Vice Chair
  • Jill Manning - Chair, Audit Committee
  • William "Bill" E. Mearse - Chair, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • Alicia D. H. Monroe - Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
  • Randolph "Randy" L. Pullin - Chair, Nominating, Governance and Regent Leadership Committee
  • Todd A. Reppert - Chair, Finance and Facilities Committee
  • David M. Slover - Chair, Advancement and Development Committee
  • Linda Livingstone - President, ex officio