Outreach Committee

The primary functions of the Outreach Committee (the "Committee") are to provide strategic input and oversight to the Divisions of Development, Marketing and Communications, and Constituent Engagement, and ensure all three Divisions are working collaboratively. The Committee is charged with focusing Baylor and the Board on fundraising to enhance and strengthen the mission and reputation of the University through augmenting the financial resources needed to accomplish the mission beyond those provided by tuition and fees. The Committee serves as a mechanism by which Regents and other volunteers are involved in the fundraising process. The Committee further oversees the marketing of Baylor to external constituencies for purposes of student recruitment, fundraising and brand enhancement, including all of the Baylor Alumni Networks, the Baylor Bear Foundation, the "B" Association, as well as other strategic partnerships and initiatives. The Committee may engage outside consultants and other advisors as it deems necessary with the approval of the Board Chair, the President or Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer.

2016-2017 Committee Members
  • Jeff Reeter - Chair
  • Shelley Giglio - Vice Chair
  • Brett Beene
  • Dan Hord
  • Neal Jeffrey
  • Debbie Mann
  • Bill Simon
  • Kim Stevens
  • Phil Stewart
  • Dennis Wiles