Research Gazette June 2011

June 30, 2011
Dr. Mary C. Brucker, nursing; $32,052; AENT Nurse Traineeship Grant; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Sara L. Dolan, psychology and neuroscience; $54,787; Seeking Safety Therapy for PTSD, TBI and Substance Use Disorder; Treatment Innovations LLC, Department of Defense

Dr. Eva I. Doyle, health, human performance and recreation; $6,474; Women's Health in Kurdish Villages of Armenia: Development of an Intervention; The Enlighten Foundation

Dr. Gary R. Elkins, psychology and neuroscience; $30,266 (additional funding); Hot Flash Hypnosis; National Institutes of Health

Dr. Patrick J. Farmer, chemistry and biochemistry; $420,000; Heme Protein Catalysis and the Biocoordination Chemistry of HNO; National Science Foundation

Dr. Benjamin S. Kelley, engineering; $20,000; Renaissance Scholar Programs; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Dr. Kwang Y. Lee, electrical engineering; $10,000; Joint Research on Core Technologies and Development Strategies for Smart Grid; Pusan National University, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning

Dr. Kevin G. Pinney, chemistry and biochemistry; $20,421 (additional Funding); Chemotherapeutic Agents with Enhanced Selectivity for the Tumor Microenvironment; National Cancer Institute

Dr. Randy M. Wood, curriculum and instruction; $3,000; Hot Tamale Summer 2011; Communities and Schools of the Heart of Texas
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