Research Gazette - July 2004

July 2, 2004

Grant Awards (April)

Dr. Russ Duren, engineering; $29,246; Signal Processing with a Reconfigurable Computer; Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Charles Garner, chemistry and biochemistry; $150,000; C2-Asymmetric Pyrazole Ligands for Metal-Mediated Catalysis; The Robert A. Welch Foundation

Dr. Robert Kane, chemistry and biochemistry; $150,000; DNA Enzymes that Require Synthetic Cofactors; The Robert A. Welch Foundation

Dr. Robert Kane, chemistry and biochemistry; $30,000; Synthesis and HPLC Analysis of Quinic Acid (QA) Derivatives; Optigenex

Dr. Kevin Klausmeyer, chemistry and biochemistry; $150,000; Chemistry of Pyridyl Contraining Phosphines; The Robert A. Welch Foundation

Dr. Carlos Manzanares, chemistry and biochemistry; $150,000; Laser Spectroscopy of Molecules and van der Waals Complexes at Low Temps; The Robert A. Welch Foundation

TOTAL AWARDS: $659,246

Grant Proposals (April)

Dr. Lori Baker, sociology and anthropology; $260,000; The Origin of Mesoamerican Agriculture: Documenting Archaic Period Social Dynamics; National Science Foundation through Texas Wesleyan University

Dr. Byron Johnson, Center for Religious Inquiry Across the Disciplines; $1,061,923; National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative; U.S. Department of Justice

Dr. Xin Wang, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core; $656,593; Middle Class and Civil Society in China; National Science Foundation

Dr. Gaynor Yancey, social work; $42,000; City Core Initiative Project -- Dallas; Baptist General Convention of Texas


Courtesy of Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs and Contracts
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