July 2004 Honors

July 2, 2004
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Sarah Jane Abbott-Kirk, associate professor of piano, was named 2004 Collegiate Teacher of the Year by the Texas Music Teachers Association.

Dr. David E. Garland, professor of Christian scriptures and associate dean at Truett Seminary, received an Award of Merit in the category of biblical studies in the 2004 Christianity Today Book Awards for a book titled I Corinthians, published by Baker Academic.

Dr. Norman L. Gilchrest, professor emeritus of health, human performance and recreation, received the 2004 Julian W. Smith Award from the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance for significant attainment in adventure and outdoor education and recreation.

Dr. Isaac V. Gusukuma, associate professor of social work, was elected Waco branch chair of the National Association of Social Workers Texas Chapter Board of Directors.

Dr. Martin J. Medhurst, Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication, received the 2004 Paul Boase Prize for Scholarship from the Ohio University School of Communication.

Dr. W. Winfred Moore, The W. Winfred and Elizabeth Moore Visiting Distinguished Professor in Ministry Guidance and director of the Center for Ministry Effectiveness, received the Texas Baptist Elder Statesman Award from the Independence Baptist Association and the Baptist Distinctives Committee/Texas Baptist Heritage Center.

Dr. Rodney Stark, University Professor of Social Sciences, received an Award of Merit in the category of history/biography in the 2004 Christianity Today Book Awards for a book titled For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts and the End of Slavery.

The Baylor Alumni Association and the Baylor Retired Professors Center presented Retiree of the Year Awards to Dr. Lois Marie Sutton, professor emeritus of French, Dr. Robert G. Packard, professor emeritus of physics and Master Teacher, Irene Thornton, wife of Jack M. Thornton, director emeritus of Wiethorn Visitors Center and former University Host, and Bill Menefee, director emeritus of athletics.

Faculty and staff who have received BaylorPlus Salutes during 2004 include:
Lawrence Davis, facility services-Aramark;
Patricia Black, ITS;
Michelle Toon, ITS,
David Seago, ITS;
Kathy Weber, ITS;
Janet Knox, telephone services,
Scott Menefee, ITS;
Lana Conder, College of Arts & Sciences;
Frank Jasek, Moody Library;
Jenny Shankle, human resources;
Donna Herbert, ITS;
David Dunn, Electronic Library;
Ruth King, purchasing;
Dr. Eileen Hulme, student life;
Laura Sumrall, Moody Library;
Mark Janek, ITS;
Donna Herbert, ITS;
Donna Perry, athletics;
Jeannie Selke, athletics;
Mary Felkner, athletics;
Dodie Jackson, Center for Ministry Effectiveness;
Ruth King, purchasing;
Diane Haun, University development;
Kenneth Glomb, ITS;
Marsha Sherrard, registrar;
Dawn Dupre, Aramark; and
Chad Talbert, Electronic Library.
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