Outstanding Faculty

June 1, 2004
Congratulations to the following persons recognized as "Outstanding Professors" for 2003-2004 at commencement ceremonies in May.

Dr. Anne-Marie Bowery
Associate professor of philosophy
(Tenured professor, College of Arts and Sciences)

Cynthia A. Burgess
Associate librarian, curator of books and printed materials
(Associate librarian, Armstrong Browning Library)

Matthew C. Cordon
Associate professor of law and reference librarian
(Faculty member, School of Law)

Cynthia C. Fry
Lecturer in computer science
(Lecturer, School of Engineering and Computer Science)

Dr. Michael N. Jacobson
Professor of saxaphone
(Tenured professor, School of Music)

Dr. Mikeal C. Parsons
Professor of religion
(Faculty member, College of Arts and Sciences)

Dr. Steven P. Rich
Associate professor of finance
(Tenured professor, Hankamer School of Business)

Dr. Richard R. Russell
Assistant professor of English
(Non-tenured. tenure track professor, College of Arts and Sciences)

Janet E. Sheets
Associate professor and education/reference librarian
(Contributions other than teaching or research)

Dr. Julie A. Sweet
Assistant professor of history
(Non-tenured. tenure track professor, College of Arts and Sciences)

Collins Outstanding Professor Award

Dr. Susan Wallace
Associate professor of anthropology

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