Research Gazette - June 2004

June 1, 2004

Grant Awards (March)

Dr. Joseph White, biology; $29,044; Fire Risk Assessment for the Habitat of the Golden-cheeked Warbler, Year 1; U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Gerald Cleaver, physics; $500; ASA Lecture Series; Templeton/American Scientific Affiliation

Dr. Diana Garland, School of Social Work; $8,000; Social Work Internships; WMU Mary Hill Davis Offering

Dr. Bill Petty, Hankamer School of Business; $48,000; Collegiate Network; Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation


Grant Proposals (March)

Dr. Tisha Emerson, economics; $157,162; Public Disclosure Programs and Firm Environmental Performance: Is There an 'Information Echo Effect' in the Toxics Release Inventory?; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. William Mitchell and Linda Klatt, international education; $262,684; Middle East Partnership Initiative: Study of the United States Institutes for Undergraduate Student Leaders; United States Department of States

Dr. Byron Johnson, Dr. Chris Bader, Dr. Paul Froese, Dr. Carson Mencken and Dr. Rodney Stark, sociology; $561,600; Baylor Longitudinal Study of Religious Behavior and Values; Templeton Foundation

Dr. Charles Tolbert, sociology; $701,353; Collaborative Research on Rural Decline and Dynamic Restructuring of the Urban Fringe: Implications for American Civic Community; National Science Foundation

Dr. James Henderson and Dr. Beck Taylor, economics and Dr. Allen Seward, finance; $167,387; Study on Regulation of Health Care: The Impact of Regulation on the Health Insurance Market and Health Care Providers; National Institutes of Health Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Dr. Judy Lott, Louise Herrington School of Nursing; $23,700; Nursing School PDA Technology; Hillcrest Foundation

Pam Wilder, Piper Child Development Center; $49,499; Family Resource Center; Waco Foundation

Dr. Beth Lanning; health, human performance and recreation; $4,000; Visiting Lecturer Program; Pfizer Foundation

Dr. Peter van Walsum, environmental studies; $119,636; Demo of Solid State Conversion of Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste to Fuels through the MixAlco Process; Environmental Research and Educational Foundation


Courtesy of Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs and Contracts
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