June 2004 Publications

June 1, 2004
Dr. William V. Davis, professor of English and Writer-in-Residence, had poems titled “Box Elder: The Seasons” and “One Who Waved” published in New Texas: A Journal of Literature and Art (pp. 105-107, 2004).

Dr. Robert D. Doyle, associate professor of biology, had a co-authored article titled “Dissolved Phosphorus Retention of Lightweight Expanded Shale and Masonry Sand Used in a Subsurface Flow Treatment Wetland” published in Environmental Science and Technology (Vol. 38, pp. 892-898, 2004). There are multiple co-authors.

Kathy R. Hillman, associate professor and acquisitions librarian, had an article titled “Catching Up With Kathy” published in the resource publication of Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas (May 2004). She had an article titled “Missions in North America: The World at Our Doorstep” published in Brief Basics for Texas Baptists (March-April-May 2004).

Dr. Walter C. Holmes, professor of biology, had an article titled “The Vascular Flora of Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area, Anderson County, Texas” published in Southeastern Naturalist (Vol. 3, pp. 347-368, 2003). He had an article titled “Uvularia (Lilaceae) in Texas” published in Sida (Vol. 20, pp. 1713-1716, 2003).

Dr. J.R. LeMaster, professor of English, had a book of poetry titled Journeys Around China published in a bilingual edition by China Youth Press.

Paul A. McCoy, professor of art and Ceramist-in-Residence, had an article titled “Lincoln Arts: Breathing Life into Dreams” published in Ceramics Monthly (May 2004).

Dr. Byron P. Newberry, associate professor of engineering, had an article titled “The Dilemma of Ethics in Engineering Education” published in Science and Engineering Ethics (Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 343-351, April 2004).

Dr. John N. Ochola, interim associate director of the African Studies Program and assistant professor and collection development librarian, had a book titled Understanding the Luo of Kenya: An Annotated Bibliography accepted for publication by University Press of America.

Dr. Benjamin A. Pierce, professor of biology, Dr. Kevin J. Gutzwiller, professor of biology, and M.L. Mullins, Baylor graduate student, had a co-authored article titled “Assessment of Quantitative Enclosure Sampling of Larval Amphibians” published in Journal of Herpetology (Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 6-12, 2004).

Dr. Jennifer L. Rahn, assistant professor of geology, and Lisa M. Zygo, research associate at the Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research, had a co-authored article titled “The Role of Student-created labs and Reference Manual in Enhancing GIS Education” published in Journal of Geoscience Education (June 2004).

Dr. Richard R. Russell, assistant professor of English, had an essay on modern Irish drama accepted for publication in an upcoming volume of The Companion to Modern Drama by Greenwood Press. He had articles on Seamus Heaney and Eavan Boland accepted for publication in the upcoming Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry.

Dr. Joseph D. White, assistant professor of biology, had a co-authored article titled “Effect of Forest Fragmentation on Broad Scale Estimates of Forest Biomass Accumulation” published in International Journal of Remote Sensing (January 2004). Co-authors are Nicholas Coops, CSIRO-Australia, and Neal Scott, Woods Hole Research Center.

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