Research Gazette May 2010

May 31, 2010
Total grants awarded: $1,687,361

Dr. Gary R. Elkins, psychology and neuroscience; $496,342 (Year 4 funding award); Hypnosis for Hot Flashes: A Randomized Clinical Trial; National Institutes of Health

Dr. Charles M. Garner, chemistry; $50,000; C2-Ciral Pyryliums, Phosphinines and Phosphabarrelenes for Asymmetric Catalysis; Welch Foundation

Dr. Robert R. Kane, chemistry; $17,485 (additional funding); Synthesis and Characterization of Antibody Conjugates of TLR-7 Agonists; Baylor Research Institute, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Judith Wright Lott, nursing; $941,870; Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Dr. Carlos E. Manzanares, chemistry; $50,000; Visible Light Absorption by Esters and Formation of Organic Acids in the Atmosphere; Welch Foundation

Dr. Daniel J. Peppe, geology; $3,000; Paleoclimate Reconstructions Suing Soils from Early Micene Proconsul Sites on Rusinga Island, Kenya; Evolving Earth Foundation

Dr. Robert Jay Pulliam and Dr. John A. Dunbar, geology; $128,664; Crossing the Shoreline: An Onshore-Offshore Seismic Refraction Study of the Northern Gulf of Mexico; University Texas Austin, ExxonMobil
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