Research Gazette April 2010

April 30, 2010
Total awarded: $163,234

Dr. Jimmy Dorrell, Truett Seminary, and Dr. William Jordan, mechanical engineering; $5,000; Exploring the Theology of Work; The Kern Family Foundation

Dr. Gary R. Elkins, psychology and neuroscience; $49,651 (second year funding); Evaluation of a Biobehavioral Intervention for Hot Flashes; Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, National Cancer Institute

Dr. Jeff Levin, Institute for Studies of Religion; $5,000; Kalsman Institute Roundtable on Judaism and Health Research; Hebrew Union College, John Templeton Foundation

Dr. Lorin S. Matthews, physics; $102,083 (additional funding); CAREER: Charging and Coagulation of Dust Grains 1 Astrophysical and Laboratory Environments; National Science Foundation

Dr. Linda J. Olafsen, physics; $1,500; SPIE-Outreach; Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers
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