Research Gazette October 2009

October 31, 2009
Total awarded: $492,547

Dr. Michael L. Alexander, music; $4,250; Baylor String Project; National String Project Consortium

Dr. Steven G. Driese, geology; $61,058; Collaborative Research: Pleistocene-Holocene Climate Variability of the Southern Appalachian Region, Southeastern U.S.; National Science Foundation

Dr. Truell W. Hyde II, physics; $196,514; BARI Workforce Development and Training (CASPER); Small Business Administration

Dr. Todd Meehan, music; $10,000; Commissioning a New Work for Percussion Duo by Composer John Supko; Meet the Composer

Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkins, Graduate School; $54,768; Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration; U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School

Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkins, Graduate School; $118,666; University Affiliation to Award the Degree of Doctor in Physical Therapy; U.S. Army Medical Command

Dr. Leslie Wright, mechanical engineering; $47,290; Parametric Investigation of High Temperature Jet Impingement for Turbine Cooling Applications; Honeywell International

Information provided by the Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs
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