Research Gazette March 2010

March 31, 2010
Total awarded: $1,357,114

Dr. Jacquelyn Duke, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research; $70,000; Riparian Connectivity to Stream Level Dynamics along Two Rivers: San Antonio and Brazos, in Central/South Texas; Texas Water Development Board (TWDB)

Dr. Diana R. Garland, social work; $24,530; Social Work with Congregations; The Louisville Institute

Dr. Ian A. Gravagne and Dr. Robert Marks, electrical and computer engineering, and Dr. John M. Davis, mathematics; $6,000 (additional funding); Mu-Dynamics on Time Scales: Adaptive Time Domains for Dynamical Systems; National Science Foundation

Dr. Truell W. Hyde II, Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research; $130,973; Baylor University REU/RET Site Proposal; National Science Foundation

Dr. David Jack, mechanical engineering; $18,500; Modeling and Simulation of the Bulk Electrical Conductivity of SWNT Neat Carbon Nanotube Networks; Universal Technology Corporation/Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Byron Johnson, Dr. Rodney Stark and Dr. Jeff Levin, Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, and Dr. Sung Joon Jang, sociology; $992,508; Merit Beyond the Badges; John Templeton Foundation

Dr. Byron P. Newberry, mechanical engineering; $5,945 (additional funding); Ethic Instruction for International Graduate Students in Engineering; Texas Tech University, National Science Foundation

Dr. Qin Sheng, mathematics; $35,000 (additional funding); Rapidly Convergent Quadrature-free (RCQF) Methods of Highly Oscillatory Diffraction Integrals in Light Beam Propagations; General Dynamics Information Technology Inc.

Dr. Darryn S. Willoughby, health, human performance and recreation; $73,658; Study Proposal for SizeOn V.2; Gaspari Nutrition

Information provided by the Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs
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