April 2004 Family Circle

April 7, 2004
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Best wishes to

Dr. Elmer H. Duncan, philosophy, who is recovering from triple bypass surgery on March 3.
Dr. L. Gerald Fielder, professor emeritus of political science, on his recent hospitalization.
Marjorie Hyden, wife of A.A. Hyden, vice president emeritus oif student affairs, on her recent hospitalization.
Dr. Robert R. Kane, chemistry, on his recent hospitalization.
Dr. Robert G. Packard, professor emeritus of physics and Master Teacher, who is recovering from heart surgery on March 4.
Dr. Nieves D. Rubio, former instructor in Spanish, who is recovering from a stroke.

With sympathy to

Joan P. Barrett, Spanish, on the death of her father, William Ray Parmer.
The family of T'Dee Lifland Bracken, former assistant professor of health, human performance and recreation, on her death March 11.
Jacob Bump, Baylor student, on the March 8 death of his brother, Jeremy Tyler Bump, a 2001 Baylor graduate.
John Ertekin, Baylor student, on the death of his mother March 8.
Jennifer L. Good, German, on the death of her father.
Torii L. Harper, Japanese, on the death of her father.
Suzanne Keener, Graduate School, on the March 28 death of her father, Ernest Richardson.
Mary R. Massirer, English, and Laura Scott, academic advisement, on the death of Mary's mother-in-law and Laura's grandmother, Agnes Massirer.
The family of Maurine Miller, former reference librarian, on her death March 17.
Amanda Newton, Baylor student, on the death of her brother.
Luke Charles Sammons, Baylor student, on the death of his father, Charles Dale Sammons.
Margaret Smith, athletics, on the death of her husband, Robert Smith, March 14.
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