Baylor History, April 2004

April 7, 2004
April 6, 1991 -- Baylor's Governor Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village is formally dedicated. The village's former owner and namesake, Gov. Bill Daniel, cuts the ribbon with a bullwhip while on horseback.

April 7, 1917 -- One day after the United States declares war on Germany, 63 Baylor men sign up to join a new military company organized on campus. Plans are made to begin drill work April 9 on the university's football field, which will be used as a parade ground.

April 19, 1966 -- Baylor's traditional spring holiday sports a new name -- "Diadeloso," Spanish for "day of the bear."

April 21, 1859 -- At a campus-wide jubilee celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, Gen. Sam Houston addresses Baylor students in Independence. In his remarks, Houston said he aspired to only two things -- to be an overseer of roads, and to "see that the young ladies did not marry worthless vagabond fellows and that the young gentlemen did not marry slovenly, careless girls."

-- Compiled by Randy Fiedler
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